The Pokémon GO clones still have huge success

If you tired of playing GO Pokémon and want something more “extreme”, we have what is right for you: we are talking about  Pocket and Pocket Girlfriend Boyfriend Go Go .

As their names suggest, these are rather bizarre applications, the most popular game on Pokemon style GO, allowing users to capture virtual boyfriends or girlfriends instead of the classic monsters.

Applications warn you through a radar the presence of a possible target in the vicinity, so as to enable them to launch their own “pocket ball” and try to seduce the victim. There are, of course, the collection with all the conquered prey and to show off with friends, congratulations for each new conquest, and information on their character.

Pocket Catch Games , the software company that developed these two games, has published the Play Store also other variants, such as Pocket School Go, Pixel Pony Go and Pocket Puppy Go, with tens of thousands of installations each, even a million for Pocket Pet Go .

Apparently the Pockémon GO clones still manage today to have a huge – and probably undeserved – successful.



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