Mi Laser Projector from Xiaomi: home cinema

Xiaomi expects to impress his world once again with the Mi Mix 2. But the Chinese manufacturer is not only in the smartphone. In fact, the company manufactures all kinds of appliances for home and leisure, from rice cooker to LED lamp, to drone.

That’s why no one will be surprised to see this newcomer in the Xiaomi catalog: the Mi Laser Projector. As the name suggests, it is a projector to enjoy movies on the wall of his living room. The main advantage of this product, the one that the manufacturer puts forward, is its laser projection which, according to Xiaomi, offers an image of “cinema quality”.

The cinema on the wall of the show

You do not need a TV so you can enjoy the blistering explosions of a Michael Bay movie or the heroic waterfalls of the last Marvel. Xiaomi obliges, this Mi Laser Projection is offered at a very tight price of 9,999 yuan, just under 1,300 euros.













The image projected by the lasers of this camera can reach 150 inches, enough to take plenty of eyes. The brightness is 5,000 lumens. Xiaomi says that if you use it two hours a day, the longevity of the projector will be … 34 years! We have plenty of time to film many films.

The sleek design features a USB 3.0 port, three HDMI inputs, one audio input and output, one Ethernet port and another S / PDIF. Does the manufacturer intend to launch this very interesting product outside of China? We would love him obviously, but Xiaomi did not say anything for the moment.



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