ARK: Survival Evolved: Despite Early Access already at 70 euros more expensive

ARK: Survival Evolved: already more expensive Despite Early Access to 70 euros

Actually, the price increase was not expected until the end of the Early Access period on 8 August. But before the final version studio has Wildcard prices for the Dino-survival MMO ARK: Survival Evolved increased dramatically. With 70 euros the title on Steam now costs was even communicate more than before.

With the release of the final version on August 8, 2017, the price of 27,99 euro should rise (currently in Early Access) to 59.99 euros. But one look at the shop page of Steam already shows approximately one month before the release, a drastic price increase on 69,99 euro. Thus, ARK: Survival Evolved probably the currently most expensive Early Access Game. During yesterday ended Steam Summer Sale player nor the chance to buy the game for the reduced price of 13.71 euros had.

Via Twitter is established, the step so that this is already a parity for publication in the retail sector should be ensured. In view of the still unfinished state, the early price rise encounters understandable criticism.

The purchase price of now almost 70 euros, mind you only for the main game without the extension Scorched Earth, would also be a steep price even for a triple-A title large publishers. However, it must be noted that the indie studio Wildcard has with the Dino-MMO celebrated a remarkable success: Despite the unfinished state of development of the title was sold according to the developers almost nine million copies and is still today in the top 10 of the most played titles on Steam.



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