Aktionstif with 20 GB and 500 Mbit / s LTE in the D-network

DataSIM.de Actionstarif with 20 GB – In the online shop of dataSIM.de, a special offer is available for a short time in the network of Vodafone, which offers 20 GB volume and maximum LTE surfing speeds of 500 Mbps.

DataSIM.de Actionstarif with 20 GB

Interested parties can book in the onlineshop of dataSIM.de for a short time the action starif Internet-Flat 20 GB D2. The offer is based on the mobilcom-debitel tariff Internet-Flat 20,000 and is realized in the LTE network of Vodafone.

Regularly the tariff costs 39.99 euros per month, but is reduced for the duration of the minimum contract term by a monthly 10 euros. The monthly package price drops to 29.99 euros. If not terminated within the time limit, from the 25th month fall again 39.99 euros. The one-time connection fee is € 39.99, but will be refunded if an SMS with the text “AP Frei” is sent to the 8362.

Data tariff with 500 Mbit / s and 20 GB

The price includes a mobile data sheet with a monthly volume of 20 GB and maximum LTE surfing speeds of 500 Mbps. Once the volume limit has been reached, the data rate is throttled to a maximum of 64 Kbit / s at the GPRS level. “A data volume of 15 GB is sufficient for around 83 hours or 3.5 days of Internet surfing – and that is non-stop,” explains DataSIM.de.

The minimum contract term of the tariff is 24 months, the notice period is three months at the end of the term. If no termination notice is given, an automatic renewal takes place for another year.



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