Tax evasion of 50 million euros for Stockisti: ongoing investigations (updated)

A very well-known e-commerce company, which managed the online sale of smartphones, tablets, televisions, consoles, video games and more, is ending up in big trouble: it is about tax evasion for amounts over 50 million euros.

The investigations were carried out by the Post Police Department and the Communications for Lazio and the Customs Office of Rome 2 of the Interregional Directorate for Lazio and Abruzzo: the offense is that of the criminal association for delinquency aimed at tax evasion.

The system created by the “stockists” allowed the sale of products, such as smartphones and tablets, but not only, at prices that were too low in comparison to the price lists: this was a practice allowed by the aforementioned VAT evasion, Italian. In this way, the company managed to compete with the giants of the online market.

The Post Police is lagging behind the sites of the company in question, whose business volume amounted to hundreds of millions of euros. We will not give you any news on the issue, so keep following us.

The operation led to 18 custody orders, of which 10 were already executed, against the subjects involved in the affair. Investigations carried out on and sites “made it possible to check out more than 50 million, a significant figure,” according to Nicola Zupo, first postal officer, who confirms that he has initiated the procedures for the ” Obscuring these sites (many of you will surely already have difficulty accessing them).

The company that managed everything was Maltese and has operated since 2012, continuing each year to change the exclusive concession company for our country, so try to circumvent Italian controls and tax. But it seems that the “stratagem” has finally been discovered.



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