Facebook is preparing to launch Bonfire, an app that is not too original

After two goals by acquiring WhatsApp and Instagram, and he pushed hard on its Messenger app messaging, the giant Zuckerberg prepares to hit the market with a new idea. Oh, judging from what is on the network learns the idea is not exactly novel.

The app coming in the fall it would inspire you to another app, Houseparty , available from June of last year and arrived in a matter of months to celebrate the milestone of a million users. Its operation is similar to that of FaceTime, but unlike it, it allows the group calls . Facebook, according to what is learned, it comes Bonfire of the same functions.

The curious thing but also a bit ‘sad is that Life On Air, the software house that gave birth Houseparty, was involved in another affair in the past. The inspiration for the founding idea of Periscope came to Meerkat, an app created just for live streaming . The success gained by Periscope was so amazing to later become the subject of attention from Twitter, which purchased it for a hundred million dollars.

And guess what ‘who had developed Meerkat? Just Life On Air! It will be interesting to see the market reaction to the Facebook move, which compared to the newborn or smaller companies can boast an almost infinite catchment area.



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