Vodafone gives away 10 GB of GigaKombi customers

Vodafone gives away 10 GB – Vodafone customers who use a Red rate and an Internet & Phone fixed rate can benefit from discounts and special actions within the GigaKombi. This will become even more attractive in the coming weeks, Vodafone gives away 10 GB extra volume for mobile use.

Vodafone gives away 10 GB

Vodafone customers who book a new Red rate or an Internet & Phone tariff in the coming weeks and activate the GigaKombi can look forward to a goodie of 10 GB extra data volume. The offer is valid until September 30, 2017 and is aimed at existing customers who complete another new contract and new customers who book both a mobile phone and a fixed line connection.

Customers who activate the GigaKombi as part of a contract extension do not participate in the promotion. This is explicitly addressed to customers who book a new Red rate and / or a new Internet & Phone tariff. All red tariffs from the Red M – the Red S and the Young tariffs are excluded – as well as the Red Internet & Phone tariffs.

Vodafone GigaKombi with 10 GB On-Top

If the conditions are met and the GigaKombi is confirmed by Vodafone, the network operators on the Red rate book an additional data volume of 10 GB. This is available in the first month and for a further 23 months. The amount of data contained in the Red tariff increases by 10 GB per month for just 24 months.

A prerequisite for the granting of the goodies is that the GigaKombi is preserved for this period. If it is terminated or runs out, the free data volume will also end.



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