Pokémon GO, makes years one of the greatest successes in video game history

It’s already been a year since the publication of GO Pokémon on the Play Store Google and colleagues at  The Verge have got to have a long talk with John Hanke, CEO of Niantic Labs, the company that developed the title on mobile platforms.

Hanke In the interview made clear what were the problems encountered in the course of these twelve months, during which the game has collected a huge success, becoming a media phenomenon that attracts the attention of the media do not specialize.

To avoid financial problems, as the budget was not unlimited. Niantic Labs , had to proceed step, although in the first few months the biggest problem was represented by the huge number of players participating, which forced the developer, between November and December last year, in a rewrite of the entire infrastructure in order to ensure adequate stability and accessibility of the title.

The development has thus accumulated about six months late on as planned and forfeited revenue in the meantime made it possible to expand the development team, a small part of which is dedicated to the fight against cheating , which threatened to alienate many players tired of finding players incorrect.

Some functions, such as the feature  player-vs-player have not arrived yet but listening to users, a concept that Nintendo and The Pokémon Company was not easy to assimilate, Niantic Labs led the new combat mechanics in Gyms introduced with the latest update. Hanke believes that this function is the best in the game, along with the Raid Battles , which will bring users to cooperate and more out of the house.

And the development continues so if the new GO Pokémon you liked and you have brought back the desire to play, much more will come soon.



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