Only OLED: Apple is to do with iPhones from 2018 on LCD

Nur noch OLED: Apple soll bei iPhones ab 2018 auf LCD verzichten

After the fall of the first iPhone with OLED display as a special anniversary model, the entire portfolio will be converted to OLED next year. IPhones with classic LC displays would not exist. This reports Nikkei Asian Review from Japan based on two sources from the industry.

In autumn, as in every year, Apple is expected a new generation of iPhone. But instead of simply re-launching the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus (test) as S models, this year will be presented as a third version of an anniversary model called the iPhone 8. After the first presentation of the iPhone in 2007, Apple is to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the smartphone.

OLED in iPhone 8, LCD in iPhone 7s

After countless leaks of design drawings and dummy smartphones as well as several statements from people in the display industry, a new iPhone design made of glass and metal with an almost frameless OLED display is considered as secured. It would be the first time Apple switched from LCD to OLED technology for an iPhone. In the Apple Watch and the touch bar of the MacBook Pro (Test), the organic diodes, which no longer require background lighting, are already in use. IPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus, on the other hand, are still to be equipped with the years, but still constantly improved LC displays.

Only OLED from 2018 onwards

According to the Nikkei Asian Review, the “iPhone 9” is expected to change as soon as next year. The news portal cites not-named industry sources, according to which Apple is to convert the entire iPhone lineup to OLED next year. There are no changes to the displays of the iPad or iPod touch.

supply shortages

If Apple were to take this step, this could lead to a bottleneck in the OLED market. Even now, it is speculated that Apple’s demand for OLED panels is enormously high. According to recent rumors, Samsung Display is to have received an order over 80 million OLED panels. In addition, billion billions of investment from Apple in LG display in space, in order to get their own production line for OLED panels, which would make Apple less strongly dependent on Samsung display. Google will also invest in LG Display to secure OLED panels for Pixel 2.

Apple is also not the only smartphone manufacturer, which is increasingly based on OLED. LG wants to go back to the organic diodes, and also many Chinese suppliers have jumped on the train. In order to be able to master the contract volume in the future, for example, Samsung wants to invest several billion euros in new chip factories and to set up the largest OLED factory in the world in Asan.



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