Xbox One X: Benchmarks point to real UHD console

Xbox One X: Benchmarks deuten auf echte UHD-Konsole

Since the first announcement of the Xbox One X, Microsoft is not tired of stressing that the console should play games in real UHD resolution. The fact that different from the PlayStation 4 Pro (test) in general can be dispensed with techniques for scaling the image, now indicate benchmarks from Microsoft.

So far the actual performance of the console could only be estimated speculatively by the statements of some developers, a uniform picture did not arise. Assassin’s Creed: Origins will not achieve native UHD resolution. Monolith Lord of the Rings: Shadow of War and Titanfall 2, on the other hand. Games developed by Microsoft also belong to this category, but such games are always demonstrations of theoretical feasibility that are not necessarily representative of the titles of other publishers.

A more accurate outlook on the actual performance benchmarks that Eurogamer could get into hands. However, there are limitations: the published data are from March 2017 and thus do not represent the current development status. In addition, only frametimes, i. The time interval between the output of two images. These data allow a sufficiently accurate calculation of image refresh rates: the smaller the distance between two images, the more images can be output per second.

The benchmark is that the theoretical performance is measured. Nine unidentified games, which are only partially identifiable, will be included on the Xbox One with resolutions of 720, 900 and 1080p. All titles were only rudimentary, almost automatically ported to the Xbox One X and calculated in full UHD resolution; They do not use any of the new hardware features and dispense with a dedicated port of the ESRAM: the fast memory was simply mapped to a portion of the GDDR5 RAM of the Xbox One X.

Pretty and faster

Despite these limitations, all 1080p games on the Xbox One X could be calculated in UHD resolution with simultaneously higher refresh rates. The Gears of War 4 also demonstrates the fact that Gears of War 4 will be improved visually, even if the refresh rate is almost identical, by means of optimizations and the use of technical innovations. The cover shooter is also visually improved according to earlier announcements on the faster console Xbox One have been rendered. The conclusion of Eurogamer is therefore: The benchmarks are to be understood as a conservative estimate, the image refresh rates have air upward.

Games that are calculated on the Xbox One only with 900p do not create this jump at least with a rudimentary port, only two out of three titles reach with full UHD resolution almost the refresh rates of the older console and, according to the assessment of the page, Can be calculated with a native number of pixels. The clear falling open-world game “D” is, assumes Eurogamer, Assassin’s Creed: Origins – which is probably therefore calculated with a sub-UHD resolution.

The only game on the Xbox One that is calculated with 720 and 60 FPS is, according to Eurogamer Star Wars: Battlefront 1. “Game H” can be played with the Xbox One X and a rudimentary port fluently, but achieved only a little surprising About 38 frames per second. What Microsoft advises, according to the report, is a factor of four increased resolution and high detail settings of the PC version. Remaining computing power could be used with additional effects.

Automatic improvements for old games

In addition, the material provides information about the performance of Xbox-One games that do not receive a customized version for the enthusiast model. How the new console behaves depends on the version of the SDK with which the game was developed: If a development environment released before July 2017 is used, the One X falls into a compatibility mode and only sets about 3 TFLOP computing power, The double of the small model, available. This is expected to add up to 30% more, which according to Eurogamer is sufficient to improve the quality of the anisotropic filter and to fix the image rates to the target value.

The use of additional memory as a RAM disk, the higher CPU clock rate and further improvements remain unaffected by the version of the SDK. Microsoft also recommends upgrading to the current version of the development environment, regardless of customization for the Xbox One X, so that the entire computing performance can be used.



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