Are you addicted to social networks? This connected night light is for you

The start-up Humanscope has developed a connected night light that lights up according to the notifications you receive on the web.

Between your Instagram account, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and even Google+ (yes, it still exists), you are on all fronts. Your love (or addiction, it depends) for social networks is such that it almost keeps you from sleeping. After all, how to find sleep when we know that our last tweet had “only” 30 retweets and that our new album Instagram was liked only 130 times?

One light for each notification

The Humanscope team decided to help these lovers (social networking) by developing the Aumi Mini, a connected night light that lights up according to your notifications. Controlled from a dedicated application, this USB-powered night light will connect to your Wi-Fi and is equipped with IFTTT support to automate certain functions.

So you can configure the Aumi Mini to turn blue, for example, when you receive a Twitter notification, in red for Instagram and in green for Facebook. Similarly, the pilot light may illuminate depending on weather alerts or received emails. The application will also allow you to determine the duration and strength of the illumination. Thanks to its integrated motion sensors, the Aumi Mini can also be turned on as soon as a person passes by.

Currently in the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter ($ 43,449 Canadian dollars out of the 30,000 requested at 27 days of the end), the Aumin Mini is sold US $ 24 to the backers and will be available from next December.



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