MagentaMobil Start XL: Deutsche Telekom revises prepaid rates

On 11 July, Deutsche Telekom will implement its prepaid offer and offer a new rate with MagentaMobil Start XL. Also at the Family Card start, there will be a new XL variant as a subscription option from next Tuesday. Both innovations bring a telephone and SMS Flat with, more data volume is not available.

The new prepaid offers follow Deutsche Telekom’s strategy, announced by Deutsche Telekom several years ago, not to be profitable on the market, but to offer more for the same money or even more for more money.


100 minutes for MagentaMobil Start L

The first is the MagentaMobil Start L tariff and the Datastart L subscription option for the Family Card start on 11 July. MagentaMobil Start L offers as an innovation then 100 minutes for the telephony in the fixed net or in foreign mobile radio networks. A personal landline number can be permanently called free of charge, even without credit on the card, as with the tariffs MagentaMobil Start XS, S and M.

New bundle with MagentaMobil Start M

As a “2 in 1 SmartPack”, the Deutsche Telekom offers the price of 149,95 Euro the Nokia 3 (price in the free trade 150 Euro) with the tariff MagentaMobil Start M. The price is for 24 weeks the basic price of the tariff, so that according to German Telekom a price savings of about 60 euros (6 × 9.95 euros).

More data volumes for DataStart M and L

100 minutes for the fixed network as well as in third-party networks will also be valid for Data Start L as next option for the Family Card Start, the second card for family members. In order to align itself with the tariff conditions of MagentaMobil Start, Deutsche Telekom will also increase DataStart M from 750 MB of data volume to 1 GB. In the same turn DataStart L is adapted from 1 GB to 1.5 GB.

New XL options

Completely new are the XL options for MagentaMobil Start and DataStart. Although the name suggests at least the data packet for DataStart an improvement of the data volume, in both packages only telephony and SMS are flattened as Flat, while the data volume of each 1.5 GB remains unchanged. MagentaMobil Start XL costs 24.95 euros for four weeks, DataStart XL for one month 22 euros.

This means that if you only need as much data volume as possible in the prepaid rate, but can not do anything with the new flats for telephony and SMS, you should stay with the lower-priced MagentaMobil Start L or in the case of the FamilyCard start at DataStart L.


LTE as an advantage over Congstar

The prepaid tariffs of the Deutsche Telekom stand at first sight in competition with the offer of Congstar. Congstar GmbH is a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom and is specialized not only in terms of term contracts but also prepaid. In contrast to the offers from the house of the parent company, however, Congstar lacks LTE. Not only does this have a negative impact on the bandwidth, but now it is also generally applicable to the reception, since 3G is no longer being expanded and almost all investments are being put into the expansion of the LTE network.



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