Telekom Prepaid: Neue XL-Option mit Allnet-Flat und 1,5 GB

Telekom MagentaMobil StartTelekom prepaid with XL Option – From July 11, 2017 Prepaid Telekom customers can choose a new option. The XL package is available for the magenta Mobile Home and Family Card starting rates available, offering a Allnet Flat and 1.5 GB volume.

Telekom prepaid with XL Option

In the online shop of Telekom is available from July 11, 2017 a new prepaid option available which can be booked to the magenta Mobile Home and Family Card Start rates. The XL option complements the packages XS, S, M and L already available and has a duration of four weeks.

It costs 24.95 euros in the magenta mobile start and 22 euros in the Family Card Start tariffs and are each 28 days long valid. The price one voice and SMS Flat to all German mobile and fixed network and a mobile data flat with 1.5 GB and LTE Max are included. A HotSpot Flat is also part of the offer.

Telekom Start L option with enhanced content

The L-option for the magenta Mobile Home and Family Card Start is subjected to an update and upgraded. From July 11, 2017 the package is over 100 free minutes available to all German networks that complement voice and SMS flat into the network of Telekom. The mobile data flat remains unchanged at 1.5 GB. Also at the package price of 14.95 euros and 12 euros, nothing changes.

Interested parties can book the new 2 in 1 Smart Pack, which consists of the Nokia 3 and the tariff magenta mobile Start M if desired also. The package costs 149.95 euros and includes a one-time credit, which covers the basic rate of the tariff for 24 weeks. “The bundle offer is available with a discount of around 60 euros compared to the single purchase,” said the telecom. “In addition, customers can surf at the end of the included prepaid credit in the best network with a price advantage. Instead of the usual 9.95 euros for the four-week term of paying users of the bundle offer 7 euro. “




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