New deal: Nokia and Zeiss are (again) common cause

Whoever has been busy with mobile phones for a long time and also had Nokia on the screen, will remember that the successful cameras were often a sales argument in favor of the handsets from Finland. Not infrequently these good cameras in the Nokia devices were due to a cooperation with Zeiss:

Since that time, a lot has happened, as you probably all have noticed. HMD Global is the company that is now behind the brand “Nokia” and with the Nokia 3, the Nokia 5, the Nokia 6 and the Revival of the Nokia 3310, you have already been spectacularly reported back.

For the future, however, Nokia and HMD Global have even more before, just yesterday, Jake informed you about a strategic partnership between Nokia and Xiaomi. We already see that this is not the end of the company’s co-operation. In a press release, we are informed that HMD Global is also entering into a long-term partnership with Zeiss, and so we read:

HMD Global, the home of Nokia smartphones, and ZEISS today announced the signing of an exclusive partnership aimed at setting new standards in the smartphone industry. This long-term agreement builds on the shared history and expertise of ZEISS and Nokia smartphones.

The two big names are therefore back together and it should not be exclusively about the fact that Zeiss delivers the look for upcoming Nokia smartphones. It is the talk of “the quality of the overall experience on smartphones” to drive forward. This is, of course, about the optics and the interaction of the individual hardware components, but also explicitly about the complete ecosystem, so also the associated software features and photo services.

The hope of both companies is that Nokia smartphones will in future (again) set standards with regard to camera technology and the experience for the users can be significantly improved.

How well this works, of course, tells us no press release and so we have to wait until Zeiss and HMD Global fill these ambitious words with life. We know, however, that the cooperation has worked very well in the past, and we probably do not have to worry that this time could be different.

Above all, I am glad that HMD Global is not just looking to capitalize on the big name Nokia. The new devices have much more common with the old spirit of the Finns than just this name and I think that HMD Global is on a good path in its attempt to establish Nokia again in the extended smartphone top.



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