Total War Saga: Spin-off series is devoted to historical turning points

Total War Saga: Spin-Off-Serie widmet sich historischen Wendepunkten

The offshoot “Saga” will expand the Total War brand to include games that no longer focus on whole epochs. Instead, turning points of history with particular significance receive a place in the spotlight.

“Total War Saga” is planned to expand the series by the developer, who will be focusing on individual historical personalities such as Total War: Attila (Test) for Total War: Rome and will be the “ Epoch game “in a further direction – historical turning points are not necessarily responsible for individual characters, writes Creative Assembly. In the eyes of developers, civil war, large conquests, rebellions, religious movements and uprisings are conceivable as possible scenarios.


Short period, same length

Total War Saga is limited to an extremely short period of a few months for the series, a maximum of “a few decades”. The geographical area is also more restricted. This closer look at past events is not equal with a shorter game or fewer factions, the developers who want to use the gained space for more details. The size should correspond approximately to that of Total War: Attila.

The size of the game world for the first offshoot does not differ from that in Total War: Attila and also the length of the campaign is to reach known dimensions. As an example of the approach is called the Fall of the Samurai for Total War: Shogun 2. The studio emphasizes in particular the suitability of such moments for the series. These were “powder drums”, which could have a lot of possible exits. These numerous possibilities, the historical subjunctive, should allow players to explore.

False expectations of the new games are emphasized with clear words. Total War Saga will not “introduce any revolutionary new games or brand new epochs”. The well-known mix of round-based campaigns with real-time battles and “hundreds of hours of gameplay,” but focused on a single, outstanding moment in history, will be announced. The goal is to supplement previous titles and to move at least in the neighborhood of their epochs.


First turning point remains unknown

What is the game to which the spin-off series debuts, did not want to give Creative Assembly yet. But it should be a “spiritual successor” for Total War: Rome 2, which allows the epoch like Total War: Attila to move forward. The project is not the next big, already nebulously announced total war strategy game; The title should help to bridge the waiting time.



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