Google helps you keep track of data traffic

Google helps you monitor data traffic

Until recently it was thought that it was enough to close an app to prevent continue to consume data traffic. The reality is much more complicated and does not dry up the credit must be very careful in the management of content stored on your smartphone. Google wanted to reach out to Android users no proclamations launching a new app called Triangle that allows you to block apps that consume the most data.

Triangle improve traffic management in many respects. You may for example decide how long the app will remain active choosing from various options such as “10 minutes”, “hour” or “forever.” Not only that, those who have signed a contract with operators such as Globe and Smart will be able to check the balance directly from mobile data Triangle and receive a reward in MB depending on traffic saved to spend on downloading other apps like Waze useful. At the moment this particular software is being tested in the Philippines and by its very nature is particularly suitable for emerging countries, where to minimize the consumption data is a necessity not just. Google declined to officially present Triangle and at the time it is said that its availability will be extended to other nations in developing or already developed markets.

This is not Google’s first initiative to improve the efficiency of traffic management on the mobile. Chrome, for example, is equipped with a function “data saving” and very similar instruments have been pre-installed on certain devices such as Pixel smartphone, of which have leaked the technical characteristics of the version with wider screen.



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