EU Roaming: Automatic conversion does not work smoothly

Roaming Deutsche TelekomEU Roaming Changeover – The EU rules on EU roaming that have been in force since 15 June 2017 are not automatically implemented by all suppliers. The Consumer Center in Saxony is warning that customers will in some cases have to take action themselves if they want to benefit from the new regulations.

EU Roaming Changeover

No roaming charges may be levied on mobile communications within the EU since 15 June 2017. The new regulation applies to all new and existing customers, German mobile telephony customers have been converted accordingly.

In all cases, however, the new conditions are not automatically provided, the Consumer Center of Saxony warns, and some customers need to take action themselves if they wish to use the EU-regulated Roamingtarif. As an example the consumer protectionists call the supplier o2.

Customers should check out foreign options

“Customers with alternative roaming packages that define a specific roaming option by contract have to actively switch to O2 and are not automatically switched to the regulated EU roaming tariff,” explains Stefanie Siegert from the Consumer Center in Saxony. The data were automatically changed to only those customers who were already on the regulated EU tariff as of the reference date. “It is worthwhile for each mobile customer to check their own tariff details and take a look into the contract. It is also possible to switch to the regulated tariff as a precaution. ”

In the eyes of consumer protectionists, the new EU requirement is too spongy, leaving the vendors too much room for interpretation. “The Consumer Center of Saxony, however, believes that all tariffs must be automatically adjusted to the regulated tariff. Unlike in the past, no additional charges may be charged for calls, SMS and the use of mobile data in the EU Member States, as well as Liechtenstein, Iceland and Norway “.




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