OnePlus 5 Audio problem: fake stereosound with videos

OnePlus 5Complain about OnePlus 5 Audioproblem – Only a few days ago, the new flagship of the start-up company OnePlus, OnePlus 5, is officially available. After some users of the smartphone complain about a “jerks” when scrolling over the display, now follows another problem. According to reports, the audio channels are exchanged for video recordings.

OnePlus 5 with Audioproblem

OnePlus already had two updates already shortly after the start of the OnePlus 5, in order to fix minor errors in the system. Some owners of the new OnePlus 5 reported a few days ago that scrolling leads to jerks and display errors. OnePlus does not see a mistake here and expressed itself in a statement accordingly.

Now a OnePlus 5 user has noticed another problem. Under the thread “OnePlus 5 Inverted stereo while filming”, the audio problem is described in the Reddit forum.

Interchanged audio channels probably a software bug

As reported in the Reddit report, the audio channels are practically interchanged in video recordings. Meanwhile, other users have confirmed the problem. Depending on how the smartphone is held, the audio channels are interchanged during video recording in the landscape mode, resulting in a distorted playback. The problem is, as a video on YouTube demonstrates, only with a particular smartphone orientation.

Although the problem is not serious, but annoying for the particular user of certain video recordings. For example, in a car with a left-to-right car, the sound would be played first from the right, then left. So far, OnePlus has not yet spoken about the audio problem. Maybe an update could make the misery out of the world.

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