New criteria: When is an internet connection too slow?

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Too slow Internet – Internet customers, whose speeds often deviate from the contractually agreed values, can now claim these from their provider. The Federal Network Agency has determined when an Internet connection does not correspond to the contractually agreed services and how to act against this circumstance.

Measure too slow Internet

The Federal Network Agency has defined criteria with which consumers can proceed against slow Internet speeds. The guidelines should help to document the undercutting of the promised surfing speed and to assert it with the providers.

A too slow Internet is therefore available if the download speed of “at least two measurement days does not reach at least once 90 percent of the agreed maximum speed” or the promised download speed “is not reached in 90 percent of the measurements”. In addition, if the contractually stipulated minimum speed is “fallen below at least two measurement days”.

Bundesnetzagentur sets criteria

Before a too slow Internet speed can be claimed, at least 20 measurements must be made via LAN via a suitable measuring instrument on two different measurement days. For this purpose, the Federal Network Agency provides the in-house broadband measurement, which can be used by browser and smartphone. At the end of the year an installable tool is to be published, which facilitates the measurement and documentation of the values.


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If, according to the criteria of the Federal Network Agency, the measured values are among the promised benefits, consumers may in the future proceed against their supplier and demand the provision of the agreed speed limits. The concretization applies not only for fixed network connections, but also for hybrid products (eg LTE hybrid). Pure LTE products, which are offered as a fixed network set (eg the congstar Homespot), are excluded.

Further information and details on concreting are available at


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