South Korea does not appreciate the Pokémon GO refund policy

Having recently released a major update for GO Pokémon , arrived in the right moment of the year, it looks like Niantic will not have time to enjoy the renewed interest in its flagship title. They come from South Korea, where the game is available for a few months, some grits on the reimbursement system for the purchase in-app.

It seems that the South Korean users have particularly appreciated the opportunity to buy PokéMonete , which allow you to purchase items and to more quickly evolve their Pokémon. What seems to be pleasing to the Korea Consumer Agency (KCA) are the terms the reimbursements from Niantic .

In South Korea, as in other countries, you can spend the equivalent of $ 100 to buy 14,500 PokéMonete. But if you decide to ask for a refund within seven days allowed by local law, and have already been spent, for example, 100 coins, Niantic refuses to reimburse as regards already use package.

Similarly, the KCA does not consider it correct from the legal point of view the behavior Niantic that prevents banned users, usually for technical GPS spoofing , to seek reimbursement of purchases. The Korean agency disputes the terms too favorable for the developer and too restrictive for end users and calls for a review of policies related to reimbursements.



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