WhatsApp: Perfect pictures even in the dark with Night Mode

WhatsApp: perfect pictures even in the dark with Night Mode

It ‘a particularly busy time for WhatsApp, which these days has introduced several new features to improve the user experience. The messaging app is working on the next version and PhoneRadar within the code of the beta has found a reference to a function designed for the photographic industry, one aspect that has received less attention from the company owned by Facebook.

In the next update will be available WhatsApp a night mode for the camera interned simply called “Night Mode”. The function will be signaled by a crescent placed next to the flash icon at the top right of the screen. Using this tool you can shoot sharp pictures even in dim light. It was not immediately clear if the Night Mode will activate automatically when lighting conditions are not perfect or if it will be the user to choose to use it. The function is designed for those who prefer to take pictures directly from the chat, and apparently will not be available for videos.

Night mode may already be used by those who own an iPhone while the version for Android will have to wait a few more days. In the next update of WhatsApp, which now also allows you to delete messages after sending, should get a text search of emoji. This will make it easier to find the image you are interested in without having to scroll all. No confirmation instead about the rumor on the ability to send any file regardless of format.



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