Nokia and Xiaomi are working together in the future

While other companies have been suicide in court for years on patents, * cough * Apple * cough * Samsung, Nokia and Xiaomi had a completely crazy idea and just entered into a business partnership. This provides for the technological and patent exchange between the Finnish and the Chinese and has been designed for several years.

The agreement foresees that both companies will exchange mobile phone patents, making Nokia‘s expansion on the Asian and Xiaomi which would simplify the Western market. Just Xiaomi would have to gain a foothold in the west, because Oppo and Vivo are just giving the right gas and slowed the rapid rise of the Chinese company a bit.

The Xiaomi Mi Mix shows that the Chinese company is not just a Me-Too company

As a matter of fact, Xiaomi has always been able to think of something like the almost edgeless Xiaomi Mi Mix, but the distribution is only possible via import platforms such as TradingShenzhen. I speculate here, of course, but I think that in the medium term the plan of Xiaomi is likely to expand into the West. A strategy that Huawei and Honor have also been successfully driving for several years.

Apart from mobile radio aside, Xiaomi has also acquired patents from Nokia, which the Finns probably not just wanted to exchange so. These supplement the approximately 16,000 proprietary patents Xiaomi has registered in the last seven years of company history. What Xiaomi had to buy, did not reveal the press release, but what Nokia will offer to the Chinese. On the one hand there is equipment for the network infrastructure in data centers, which is a hub of Nokia.

Rather a marketing gimmick, but effective: the new Nokia 3310 (Source: Nokia)

On the other hand, both companies would like to work together strategically and to explore opportunities in the field of Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented and Virtual Reality as well as Artificial Intelligence. So all the hot shit, which synonymous Apple and above all Google and basically all major players just push. In CEO’s speech on the part of Nokia’s chief Rajeev Suri, this sounds like this:

Xiaomi is one of the world’s leading smartphone manufacturers and we are delighted to have reached an agreement with them. In addition to this, the company is a global leader in the development and production of innovative products.

In the IoT area, Xiaomi is by no means an un-written e-book, since the Mi-ecosystem is now made up of 60 million connected devices, of which eight million are active daily. And also Nokia had last month the French company Withings incorporated, which with their health devices also fall somewhere under IoT.

For me, this definitely sounds like a sensible partnership, even if Xiaomi should benefit more. But who knows, maybe the Finns get up again and get back to their old age. The Nokia smartphones announced on the MWC 2017 are definitely in the starting holes and could be made fit for the Asian market. Even if they come from HMD Global.




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