Evil Genius 2: Build strategy game continues

Evil Genius 2: Aufbaustrategiespiel wird fortgesetzt

Evil Genius has a successor: Rebellion, the current rights owner, is developing a continuation of the game strategy game from 2004. This is a full-fledged game, not a remaster project, nor a free-to-play game, like that Adjusted Facebook game Evil Genius Online.

Officially, the game is only announced with a brief sentence in a longer video about the current status of the studio (3:32) – in addition to the intention to develop another Judge-Dredd game. A little more detail reveals rebellion in a press release. Thus, the game is still in a “very very early stage” of development; The first sod was not set until spring. Currently the title is only developed for the PC, other platforms are only considered.

The first plans to implement the game had the studio, according to own data, several years ago. However, the planned and established financing by crowdfunding was rejected: Rebellion was at this time in the process of becoming independent to its own publisher. Resources were needed for other projects like the Sniper Elite series. In view of the successes of these and other brands, it would not have been “fair” to ask fans “to finance a new game if we do not need it.”

Evil Genius is already the second sequel. Work on a first second part began directly after the publication of the classic in 2004. Only one year later the works were closed with the closure of the Elixir Studios, the then rights holders, but the brand passed into the possession of Rebellion.

Evil Genius sees himself as a (spiritual) successor of the legendary Dungeon Keeper: In both cases, it is necessary to build a bastion of evil and then manage it. With a similar humorous approach, however, Evil Genius does not require the construction of a dungeon, but a switching center for super-scoundrels, which could originate agent comedies like Austin Powers.



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