Chip Mobile, BUNTE Mobil and Co. is now available without data acquisition

Bunte, Chip, TV Spielfilm und SUPERilluChipmobile, Colorful Mobil and Co. – The Burda tariffs Chipmobile, BUNTE Mobil, TV SPIELFILM talk & surf and SUPERillu mobil are now waiting without data acquisition and are throttled to GPRS level after reaching the volume limit.

Chipmobile, Colorful Mobil and Co.

The rates offered by Burda Verlag via Tarifhaus have been updated and are waiting with some new features. In the future, the offers will be without the pre-set data automatics and return to the classic throttling. Once the volume limit has been reached, the data rates are limited to a GPRS level with a maximum of 64 Kbit / s. An automated entry of additional data sets does not take place.

At the same time, however, the maximum surf speed is reduced. Instead of the former up to 50 Mbit / s are available now only up to 21.6 Mbps. “For this: no data automatics AND with 64 kbit / s weitersurfen,” it says. The conditions for termination have also been changed. The maturity is still six months and the notice period is one month at maturity. In the event that no termination notice is given, the tariffs are extended by a further three months. Until now, the termination could be submitted at any time after expiry of the six-month minimum contract term with a term of 30 days at the end of the month.

Burda rates with foreign package

Another new feature is that customers from the four brands can now use the International Pack 100, which is preset in the tariffs. The option is free of fixed costs and includes 100 free-laps for calls from Germany to abroad, including the countries of the EU, the USA, Russia and Turkey. From the 101st minute additional fees will be charged from 9 cent.

Within the EU, the new EU regulation has been taking effect since mid-June. Burda customers can call and surf the Internet at no additional cost and use the included services included in the tariffs.

New features in the overview:

No data acquisition – instead throttling up to 64 Kbit / s
Reduce the maximum surf speed to 21.6 Mbps
International Pack 100 with 100 Freiminuten abroad included
Use in EU countries without roaming charges
Term: 6 months – Termination notice: 30 days at the end of term – New: 3 months extension in case         of non-notice termination

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