Bayam: the application for your children on vacation!

Bayam is a new application for children aged 3 to 10 by the publishing houses Bayard Edition and Editions Milan.

Bayam offers a multi-purpose, scalable experience for children aged 3 to 11 years. Indeed, the interface evolves with the age of the child according to three age groups: 3-5 years, 6-8 years and 9-11 years, as well as the proposed contents and activities.

More than a video-on-demand offer, Bayam offers content where the child is a player in his discoveries: interactive documentaries, games and creative workshops designed by Studio Bayam, a dedicated digital creative team and 100 % ” Made in France “.

From 3 to 5 years: the child is in an instinctive relationship and a perception of the egocentric world. He is attracted by detail and associates a function by element.
On Bayam, it is the time of animated stories, nursery rhymes, first discoveries and interactive games, coloring workshops, stamps, animated cards …
From 6 to 8 years: the child is in a narrative relationship. He likes to collect, progress and accumulate. This is the beginning of personal expression within the rules.
On Bayam, it is the time of the heroes that one finds in cartoons and in games. This is the beginning of the discovery of the world. The child likes to exchange his creations with his family with the Bayam courier.
From 9 to 11 years old: the centers of interest of the child become clearer. He likes to push his creativity. This is the beginning of autonomy and circumvention of rules. He likes to collaborate, to be in relationship …
On Bayam, it is time for more adventurous heroes, challenges. The child extends his discoveries: the solar system, the human body, History … He uses the messaging system to exchange with his close friends.


In Bayam, a large place is given to exploration and interactive discovery. The child learns by playing the firefighter’s craft, discovers where the rain comes from, explores Mercury, learns Pop art by creating Andy Warhol’s way, an investigation in the Vikings’ time … Find activities, games And workshops with Little Brown Bear, Polo, SamSam, Ariol, Toto … and also a selection of cartoons like Yakari, Monsieur Bonhomme, the adventures of Tintin, Valerian and Laureline …

Throughout the year, an enriched catalog

Every Wednesday, the children of each age group discover in “one” the new selection of contents of the teams Bayam: it is the “Bayam Show”.
Each month, a selection of content around a theme at the heart of the news of the child and his daily life, following his rhythm and that of the seasons.

Personal and Cloud messaging

In Bayam, the child learns to manage autonomously a personal space dedicated to him. He finds his favorite content, saves his creations and shares them with his
Secure messaging. The parent personalizes the child’s address book: papi, granny, close friends …
Playful tools are available to the child (tampons, decorations, magic pens …) to send personalized cards and his Bayam creations.

Ideal for holidays, the Bayam application is also accessible offline. It is available on the App Store and Google Play for smartphone, tablet and computer. The first month of free trial, without commitment, and then count 5.99 euros / month. You can create up to 6 child profiles in the application.



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