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Apple improves conditions in the Onlineshop – After a warning by the consumer center North Rhine-Westphalia, Apple has improved the conditions in the onlineshop. The company had in some cases failed to comply with the applicable rights and the customer was deprived of his rights.

Apple cashed warning

The Consumer Center North Rhine-Westphalia has issued a warning against Apple. The company had violated the law at the in-house shopshop and disadvantaged buyers. The conditions of revocation and return were affected.

Specifically, Apple’s claim that a valid revocation is only possible with the original packaging and the original receipt. Customers who wanted to return an AppleWatch of the Edition collection also had to carry out an inspection in an external site and wait for the result. IPhones with security features such as anti-theft protection, which the consumer could not deactivate, were even excluded from the revocation.

Apple patches conditions

“According to the Consumer Center NRW, Apple’s conditions were inadmissible. Because they restricted the legal rights of the customers when revoking an online purchase “, explains the consumer center. “With the right to revoke, consumers should in principle be offered the opportunity to examine the purchased goods and to rescind the contract in case of non-compliance. Such a right of revocation shall be subject to a timely revocation – regularly 14 days after receipt of the goods – and may not be linked or restricted to any other than the legal conditions. ”

The conditions that the revocation is possible only with original packaging, when deactivating certain security features or prior inspection by a third party, will limit the rights of the customer and contradict the law. “In addition, Apple’s conditions restricted the legal rights of customers to purchase defective products: consumers had to assume that they could only object to a mistake if they reported” as soon as possible “to Apple, which they did not according to the law Are committed, “it says.

Revocation also possible without OVP

After the warning, Apple committed itself according to the information, the disadvantageous conditions in the future no longer used and a declaration of injunction. The General Terms and Conditions have been revised.

Please note that the changes refer only to the right of revocation and related requirements. Customers who return a product that you have damaged can easily make use of their right of revocation, but may have to pay a value-added tax.



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