Klarmobil: Allnet Flats with 1 month running time again available

Klarmobil Allnet Flats with short maturity – The klarmobil Allnet Flats revised in June are now available again with a short maturity of one month. At the start, the discounter offered the tariffs only with a two-year binding. At the same time the prices of the in-house smartphone flats were lowered.

Klarmobil Allnet Flats with up to 10 GB

Since mid-June, the Allnet Flats 1000, 5000 and 10000 have been available in klarmobil’s Onlineshop, which until now could only be booked with a term of 24 months. From now on, prospective buyers can choose not only the two-year bond, but also purchase the tariffs with monthly notice. The notice period is 14 days at the end of the month.

However, the discounter has screwed at the monthly noticeable variants on the inclusive volume. While the Allnet-Flat 1000 is also available with one month running time, the Allnet Flat 2000 and the Allnet Flat 4000 can be booked with a short runtime with 2 GB and 4 GB volume. In the first 24 months are charged for the tariffs 14.85 euros, 16.85 euros and 26.85 euros per month, from the 25th month prices rise to 19.85 euros, 24.85 euros and 34.85 Euro.

Klarmobil Smartphone Flats cheaper

As the company communicated, the prices of the in-house Smartphone Flats in the D-network were also reduced. The Smartphone Flats 400, 1000 and 2000 are available with and without running time and cost with two-year binding 4.95 euros, 6.95 euros and 8.95 euros in the first 24 months. The prices are then increased to 5.95 euros, 9.95 euros and 14.95 euros.

With monthly noticeability, 5,95 Euro, 7,95 Euro and 9,95 Euro per month are due. In the case of the Smartphone Flats 1000 and 2000 the prices rise from the 25th month to 9.95 euros and 14.95 euros.

At www.klarmobil.de the offers are available immediately.


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