O2 hardware deal: Apple iPhone SE with 32 GB for 299 euros

O2 hardware deal – As part of the o2 hardware deal, various smartphones are offered at particularly reasonable prices. Frequently the simultaneous booking of an o2 contract is not necessary, the action devices are available without contract binding.

o2 Hardware-Deal

The o2 hardware deal for a few days includes the Apple iPhone SE with 32 GB of memory, which is offered at the promotional price. Regularly the smartphone in the Apple Onlineshop 479 euros, over o2 it is available for a short time for 299 euros. The savings compared to Apple is 180 euros.

Available colors are space gray, silver, gold and rose gold. The simultaneous booking of an o2 free tariff is not necessary, the network operator offers the Apple iPhone SE without contract binding. Interested parties can choose between the one-off price or the o2 My mobile phone financing.


IPhone SE for 299 euros

At this the smartphone costs 11 euros and is charged monthly with 12 euros. The term is 24 months and ends automatically with the payment of the last installment. In addition, o2 offers the premature triggering and terminates the financing if the remaining amount is paid in full. In sum, the Apple iPhone SE in the o2 My mobile phone financing also costs 299 euros.

Interested parties, who order in the Onlineshop from o2, have to pay one-time shipping costs in the amount of 4.99 euros. The model does not have a simlock or a branding.

At www.o2online.de, the Apple iPhone SE is now available at the promotional price. The offer is valid as long as stocks last, but until July 18, 2017 at most.




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