Sky Now TV launches new proposals for sports enthusiasts

Since the advent of Netflix on the Italian market, the streaming content industry exemplifies an exponential growth that does not seem to have a continuity. To grow, however, needs to be renewed, as Sky Italia knows and applies to the Now TV service. In these days Murdoch’s TV offer is knowing a restyling, which is a fun way to make the summer feel better.

If the distance from the A-Fields is weighing more than expected to meet your urge to sport, you can subscribe monthly, weekly or daily tickets depending on the events you are interested in. A free solution to enjoy Tennis, Formula 1, MotoGP and any other competition via the internet and without any kind of contract or constraint. Passes have interesting costs: 29.99 € / month, 10.99 / week or 6.99 € / day. However, this option is exclusive to those who already had a monthly ticket between Cinema, TV Series or Entertainment.

By signing up for one of these proposals, you will be able to open the doors of Serie A, Serie B, Foreign Championships (Liga, Premier League, Bundesliga), Europa League, Formula 1, Basketball, Tennis, Golf, Rugby, MotoGP, 12 Sky Calcio channels, 3 Sky Sports, Fox Sports, Eurosport 1 and 2 channels and much more. To note the removal of the Soccer Pass and Team of the Heart. Those who have the first active can replace it with Pass Sport at a cost of 19.99 € for a month. Then warm up your smartphones, and be prepared not to miss an event!



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