IPhone 8: 3D face scanner and 120 Hz display supposedly planned

iPhone 8: 3D-Gesichtsscanner und 120-Hz-Display angeblich geplant

For the iPhone 8, Apple is to work on a new method for unlocking the smartphone. As Bloomberg reports, Apple is currently testing a 3D face scanner to replace the fingerprint sensor Touch ID. The iPhone 8 is also to receive a ProMotion display with 120 Hz refresh rate.

In the fall, three new iPhones are expected: the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus as successor to the iPhone 7 (Plus) (test), as well as the completely redesigned iPhone 8 as an anniversary model for the 10th birthday of the iPhone with almost frameless OLED display and a series of new ones functions. Bloomberg currently reports from industry circles that the new equipment features a 3D face scanner. The technology is in the development, the use in the iPhone 8 is planned, but not yet established.

Touch ID should be replaced by 3D face scanner

The 3D face scanner is designed to unlock the smartphone, pay with Apple Pay or to authenticate within apps – everything currently solved with the fingerprint sensor Touch ID in the home button. The new technology is said to be more secure than Touch ID, making the old system superfluous and replacing it. The 3D face scanner can be supplemented by a Retinascanner and is to be safer than previous systems, which can be deceived as with Samsung by a simple 2D expression of the face on paper.

The fact that the 3D facial scanner could replace Touch ID is in line with a recent report by the KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, according to which the iPhone 8 assumes an almost frameless OLED display as before, but not with a fingerprint sensor under the screen Will be equipped. Supposedly, Apple such as Samsung had problems developing the technology in time for mass production to the reliable serial maturity.

ProMotion display with up to 120 Hz

Bloomberg also reports that Apple is the first in the new iPad Pro generation (test) built ProMotion display with variable refresh rate from 24 Hz to 120 Hz also in the new iPhone 8. IPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus with traditional LC displays will probably not receive this technology. Ming-Chi Kuo calls as additional technical features 3 GB of RAM in the iPhone 8 and iPhone 7s Plus as well as 2 GB of RAM in the iPhone 7s. All models should only be offered with 64 GB and 256 GB of internal memory, instead of with 32, 128 and 256 GB. In addition, the speakers should sound better.

All three new smartphones will be introduced as usual for Apple in September, but the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus will soon be available in large quantities as the anniversary model iPhone 8.



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