O2 extended Sky Ticket action until the end of September

O2 extended Sky Ticket Action – The Sky Ticket Action launched in January by o2 will continue until the end of September. Those who book an o2 free rate can look forward to up to six months of Sky Ticket at no extra charge.

O2 extended sky ticket action

Since January 2017, o2 and Sky have been working together to offer o2 customers access to Sky Ticket’s streaming offer. At the start, the two providers Sky Ticket offered six months free of charge, the action was limited until the end of March. After a first extension until the end of June the validity was increased again. Prospective customers have until the end of September to secure an o2 free tariff with free Sky tickets.

The action is valid in all o2 free tariffs, including the o2 Free 15 Promotion Rate, and can be used by new customers as well as existing customers in the course of the contract extension. O2 customers have the choice between the Sky Cinema Monthly Set and the Sky Entertainment Monthly Set and can use it for six months free of charge. In addition, a Supersport day ticket per month is included, each additional costs 4.99 euros.

Book Sky Ticket via o2

The Sky Entertainment monthly set costs 9.99 euros per month, the Sky Cinema monthly stick is available for 14.99 euros per month. The Sky Supersport Ticket is valid for up to 24 hours after the booking and costs 9.99 euros.



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