Beyond Skyrim: Bruma: Mod blasts borders of Skyrim

Beyond Skyrim: Bruma: Mod sprengt Grenzen von Skyrim

With a new, extensive mod, players in TES V: Skyrim can cross the boundaries of the province and explore the city of Bruma in Cyrodiil. Beyond Skyrim: But Bruma is only part of a far bigger and exceedingly ambitious venture.

The goal of the numerous modders of the Beyond-Skyrim team is to expand the playing world of the rolling game around the entire continent Tamriel. For this purpose, separate teams work on a mod for each province of the world, which are to be merged after completion.

In terms of the ambitions, the first publication is almost modest: with Bruma, a city in the north of the province of Cyrodiil is accessible, the players already from TES IV: Oblivion know. The city can be entered without loading times simply from the basic game and an existing game stand.

There are 70 inhabitants in the city who each have unique dialogues, stories and daily routines. In addition, the surrounding area of ​​Bruma, which provides further dungeons, secrets and sights. In addition, the Mod adds land-type weapons and armor sets. The developers promise here an extent, which is to surpass the Dragonborn DLC for the main game. Bruma’s world also has “countless” quests and stories, with more than 24,000 dialogues and three hours of new music put together by professional and semi-professional speakers.

System requirements: More mods

If you do not want to crash, a memory patch like the Skyrim Startup Memory Editor or the Skyrim Script Extender must be installed. Also needed are all three official DLCs for Skyrim. The developers also recommend installing the Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition patch. Further crashes can prevent the Mods Crash fixes and Safety Load.

Many of the previous mods make the special edition of Skyrim obsolete. For this version of the game, Beyond Skyrim: Bruma will be released only at a later date (“soon”). First, the developers want to get rid of bugs; Two versions of the Mod to maintain extensively, is not meaningful, it says in the reasoning. After that the project will also jump to the Xbox One.

To install Beyond Skyrim: Bruma requires the Mod Organizer or the Nexus Mod Manager. The download is possible via Nexusmods.



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