Analyst believes: Apple iPhone 8 appears without fingerprint sensor

It’s actually typical for the company Apple: you take an already available technology – in this case unlocking a smartphone by fingerprint – and improves it so significantly that a niche feature becomes one for a mass audience. The Apple Touch ID solution was introduced with the iPhone 5s already 2013, meanwhile hardly any smartphones appear, which can not be unlocked also by a fingerprint.

Why are we telling this? KGI analyst and Apple extender Ming-Chi Kuo, who has already spoken many times with partly however very obvious predictions on the subject Apple, believes that Apple’s Anniversary iPhone will do without this function.

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His prognosis is therefore only the iPhone 8, not the regular appearing models iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus. He also provides the explanation directly with:

(1) fingerprint recognition, (2) fingerprint recognition, fingerprint recognition, fingerprint recognition, fingerprint recognition, fingerprint recognition, fingerprint recognition, fingerprint recognition, fingerprint recognition, fingerprint recognition, fingerprint recognition, fingerprint recognition, fingerprint recognition Has technical challenges Ming-Chi Kuo, analyst at KGI

While the “normal” iPhones so put on the classic display, the iPhone 8 – as is known from many rumors and leaks already known – an OLED with a frameless design are used. As it is said, a panel is expected, which in terms of body-to-screen ratio even smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S8 or the Xiaomi Mi Mix will depend.

Kuo predicts that Apple is removing the fingerprint sensor without replacement because – unlike Samsung – the scanner does not want to relocate to the back and the technologies to scan the imprint through the display, not yet work flawless enough. So, according to Kuo, the function is completely rationalized and builds on it by a correspondingly strong face recognition to provide the appropriate replacement. Thanks to a new front cam, the spatial depth can be seen not only the Selfies significantly better, but also the safe unlocking of the iPhone 8 per face recognition, believes the analyst.

Also omission of a very popular feature is not a novelty for the company from Cupertino, it is reminiscent of the omitted headphone connection. This does not mean, however, that Kuo here is inevitably correct. Although the rumor would agree to some thanks to some Leaks suspected design of the anniversary iPhone, but I personally personally at least very difficult to imagine that Apple goes this way.

Next, one taps with KGI on memory sizes between 64 and 256 GB and on 3 GB of RAM, apart from the 4.7 inch large iPhone 7s, which continues to bring 2 GB of RAM. According to KGI, the material is made of stainless steel and glass, while the normal models are still wrapped in aluminum and glass. In addition, the loading via lightning port will be more efficient and the sound output via the speakers optimized.

If you ask me, there is a lot of information (more RAM, faster loading, etc) that you or us can predict exactly, and therefore probably even success rates like all the analysts. As far as Touch ID is concerned, we will simply have to be patient to learn more or even binding information, at the latest by September, when we – and the KGI analyst – expect the introduction of three iPhones. Its prognosis for the release sounds familiar: shortly after the performance, the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus are supposed to be available, the iPhone 8 could be a little longer waiting time, even supply bottlenecks into the year 2018 are conceivable here.

What do you think? Is Apple really opting for a breathtaking look of the display from an extremely popular feature? We believe “no” and wait anxiously for the iPhone event.



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