Samsung Galaxy Note 7 from July 7 again available

Galaxy Note 7Samsung Galaxy Note 7 again available – The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be available again from July 7, 2017. Samsung has not only reduced the price of the device with the addition “Fan Edition”, but also replaced the problematic battery.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 first appeared in the autumn of 2016, but was recalled shortly thereafter and discontinued production and sales. The batteries of the devices had defects, caused a strong heat development and in some cases caught fire. More than 4 million devices were returned to the manufacturer.

Already at the beginning of the year it was announced that the note 7 could possibly come as a Refurbished device still in the trade, but a final release date was not yet. Samsung has now set the 7th July 2017 as an appointment and from this date will again sell Galaxy Note 7 models with the addition “FE” (“Fan Edition”). The revised models will be available in the South Korean home market.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 comes again in the trade

It remains to be seen whether the refurbished models will also be made in Germany. So far, Samsung is silent, but also in other countries, such as the US, from a sale.

The new devices are more affordable than the original version and should be much safer. After Samsung determined the battery as the main cause of the fire hazard, the critical component was replaced and replaced by a secure version. The selling price of the FE variant is circa approx. 540 euros about 30 per cent below the price of the original note 7. Unused components of the recalled devices were partly reused in the Refurbished models.




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