Congstar prepaid cards from now on via video and postident methods

congstar ZweitkartenangebotCongstar prepaid cards – congstar offers the prepaid cards from now on via video and post-identification procedures. Alternatively, the legitimation of the personal data required by the law can also be carried out in the Telekom’s shops.

Congstar Prepaid cards with identity card

Congstar, in the legalization of personal data required for the purchase of prepaid cards since 1 July 2017, insists on various procedures between which interested parties can choose. The simplest way is to find buyers in Telekom’s partner shops and branches, where they are checked directly by an employee.

If you book online or via the congstar hotline, you will be able to verify your identity by video-ID or post-ID. The video ident system is provided by the congstar partner webID solutions. You need a stable Internet connection, a terminal with webcam and integrated microphone (and / or a headset) as well as a valid ID document. “The legitimation is carried out via a Videotelefonat with a webID solutions employee who compares the ID document with the previously collected data,” explains congstar.


Congstar relies on video and post-identification procedures

In the post-identity process, congstar customers receive a coupon, with which the legitimation takes place in a branch of Deutsche Post. “After reconciling the data, these and the result of the legitimation procedure are transmitted by Deutsche Post AG to congstar”, states. It should be noted that congstar links the further processing and activation of the desired prepaid cards to a successful legitimation.

This also applies to SIM cards, which are purchased in the self-service trade. “The legitimation will only take place when the new prepaid card is activated by the new customer. This is done either by telephone via the hotline of congstar customer service […], which sends an e-mail with an access link, or directly online […]. The customer is guided there in detail by the process of freeing and can also choose between the legitimation methods Video-Ident or POSTIDENT through a post-office. “

The prepaid cards and tariffs are still available at

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