Say goodbye to iOS jailbreak, now it’s dead

Dite addio al jailbreak di iOS, ormai è morto

It’s been almost a year since the release of the latest iOS jailbreak and probably in the future we will not see any more. Confirming it is the creator of the unofficial Cydia app store, Jay Freeman, in an interview with Motherboard. “We can say that jailbreak is basically dead at this point. Among other things, the jailbreak community can no longer rely on Luca Todesco’s release, which for years has hit iOS, “said the developer with whom Nicholas Allegra, better known as Comex, agrees.

“Years ago, making jailbreak meant installing unavailable features on iOS. Today, Apple’s operating system offers much of those features, and Cydia tweaks have little sense of existing. That’s why users have little interest in jailbreaking, except for making small changes, “Freeman continued. The reasons why the interest in unlocking iPhone has dropped to the minimum is mainly due to 4 factors. First, Apple has implemented its security levels to make its iPhone impenetrable even to government agencies as it has demonstrated the diatribe on the San Bernardino Attendant case. Additionally, hackers can now be paid by Apple up to € 1 million if they report a critical issue in iOS and that many of them are now working for large security multinationals. Finally, jailbreak greatly increases the chance that your iPhone will be violated. “This translates into a spiral that leads to the end of the jailbreak, as there are fewer people working and less developers interested in creating tweaks to be published on Cydia. And that means users are less interested in jailbreak, “concluded Freeman.




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