Mass Effect: Andromeda: No single-player DLC in planning

Mass Effect: Andromeda: Kein Einzelspieler-DLC in Planung

EA will not develop any further content for Mass Effect: Andromeda, announced an alleged developer via Facebook. The statement appeared plausible after the series was put on the ice, but it is not correct. However, the DLCs will be limited to multiplayer content.

In a Facebook account unmasked as a hoax and now deleted, an employee of a supposed external studio, hired by EA for single-player DLCs, claimed that the development of additional content had been discontinued for soloists. Garniert was that with accusations that the studio and manager would have lost the relationship to the wishes of the buyers.

Thus, the wrong contribution was not completely wrong, reports Kotaku now citing three own sources from the environment of BioWare. In fact, as stated, Andromeda is the first Mass Effect, which is expanded in the multiplayer area, according to current plans. According to the latest restructuring, BioWare Montreal would hardly have left any developers who could realize such a project, so the Mass Effect developer would no longer have the resources or competences for such a DLC.

Most of the staff have been moved to other studios and games after setting the series, they are now working on Star Wars Battlefront 2, Anthem and another Dragon Age roll-up. Only a small team, Kotaku says, is still working on the multiplayer part of Mass Effect: Andromeda and is developing more patches. BioWare itself, like EA, did not want to comment on the further development and plans for the rolling game.

Online is more lucrative

The hoped-for quiverer DLC will not appear; With the one or other open action thread must fans resign themselves until further notice. From a corporate perspective, however, such a plan seems logical. The reviews for the game have failed especially for the single player aspect. Online games, on the other hand, are additionally monetarized with microtransactions, which are highly lucrative for publishers. Keeping players here for longer, appears more useful from Publishersicht.



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