IPhone 8: Designer shows white variant

IPhone 8 in Weß Martin Hajek on Twitter

IPhone 8 in White – As the iPhone 8 in black with almost borderless display could look, have us in the meantime many leaks and concept images already illustrated. Interesting is a picture of the designer Martin Hajek about Twitter, because here is shown for the first time a possible variant of the Apple anniversary iPhone 8 in white.

IPhone 8 in white

At the Apple Keynote in September, the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus are expected to include the premium iPhone 8 model. As the iPhone 8 could look, there are in the meantime many leaks and concept pictures.

So far, however, almost only iPhone 8 models were shown in the color black. Currently, the designer Martin Hajek has published a conceptual picture about Twitter, which shows a relatively exact idea of ​​a white iPhone 8.

XXL display and dual camera

Martin Hajek, of course, knows the pictures of the alleged jubilee smartphone and has incorporated some details in his conceptual picture. Its iPhone 8 is shown in white and offers a front and rear with metal frame. The silver metal frame is probably needed for protection, especially for the display so that the iPhone 8 is not damaged when dropped. The material is not aluminum, but stainless steel.

As previous Leaks show, also Hajeks white iPhone 8 has a display, which occupies almost the entire front front. At the front of the case, openings for the suspected dual front camera and sensor openings are visible. An information area for various displays, such as time or battery status, is located on the display corners of Hajeks Modell. The concept image does not show a fingerprint sensor. This could be integrated under the display. On the homepage of Hajek you can see more pictures of a white iPhone 8.



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