North Korea presents its new “multifunctional” smartphone

This is not the first time that North Korea has unveiled a technological product. Just last month, the dictatorship introduced Ryonghung iPad, a tablet using the term iPad without shame. Today, the country presents its new smartphone: the Jindallae 3.

Smartphone national

Designed by the North Korean company Mangyongdae, this smartphone has no official characteristics. It is impossible to know what he has in his womb. What the visual knows, however, is that it has a 2.5D screen, aluminum edges and a fingerprint sensor on the front.

On the other hand, the national news agency presents it as “multifunctional” (the principle of a smartphone, in short), having a multitude of applications (remains to be seen if users can download others) and Designed both for work and everyday life.

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Unable to know which OS was used for this smartphone, but everything leads to believe that we have there a heavily modified version of Android.


Mangyongdae asserts that his Jindallae 3 is a pure product of the country of Kim Jong Un, thought, conceived and assembled in the dictatorship. Nevertheless, such a thing seems complicated. At the launch of the brand’s first smartphone, the Arirang released in 2013, some experts felt that it was actually designed in China. But as long as buyers do not know, all is well …



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