Z3310: Chinese Vkworld blindly giddily copied the new 3310 … it will be better?

The release of the Nokia 3310 has blown a nostalgic wind in the market of features phones, but a Chinese manufacturer has decided to offer better and cheaper.

Chinese manufacturers are often accused of offering copies of well-known smartphones. This obviously concerns smartphones, but HMD and Nokia have revived people’s interest in the phones with the new 3310.

If the phone is nothing extraordinary, as we told you in our grip, it plays on the nostalgia of its famous elder. Ordinary, as we pointed out in our grip, he plays on the nostalgia of his famous elder. The manufacturer Vkworld has decided to rush into the breach, offering a very faithful copy of Nokia’s phone.

Ironically named “Z3310”, it takes the same dimensions as the device and even allows itself to have an improved technical data sheet. It charges a battery of 1450 mAh against 1200 mAh for the Nokia and twice more memory (32 Mo against 16 Mb). The icing on the cake, it is even equipped with a small LED. The photo sensor looks the same, that is, it should not serve you much.

The icing on the cake, this Chinese version costs less than 20 euros, while the official 3310 still costs 70 euros. We reassure you, an old version of Snake is well present!



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