OnePlus 5: “jerks” when scrolling should be completely normal

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OnePlus 5 Ruckler are normal – Shortly after the start of the current OnePlus flagship OnePlus 5, the startup company already had two updates to correct minor errors. Some owners of the new OnePlus 5 currently report that scrolling to jerk and display errors comes. OnePlus does not see a mistake here.

OnePlus 5: jerks when scrolling

The start-up company OnePlus presented its new flagship OnePlus 5 on 20 June. Outstanding features of the smartphone are a dual camera, 8 gigabytes of RAM, the Snapdragon 835 chipset and a good price-performance ratio.

Just one week later, OnePlus rolled out two updates, which, among other things, were to correct small system errors and improve the camera image quality. Now some owners of the smartphone have reported themselves and report a jerks and a distortion of the contents in web pages when scrolling over the screen.

Jerking is not a mistake

The startup company has now commented on the problem, reports The Verge. OnePlus keeps Ruckler as normal when scrolling. “The OnePlus 5 uses high-end components at the same level as all OnePlus devices, including the AMOLED display,” and continues. “We have received feedback from a small number of users who say that they sometimes have a subtle visual effect When scrolling. This is natural and there is no deviation between the screens of the devices, “according to the manufacturer in a statement.

XDA-Developers geht davon aus, dass die Design-Entscheidung des Herstellers der Grund für die Darstellungsfehler sind und eine Codezeile, die dafür gedacht ist Inhalte vom Display um 180 Grad zu drehen (siehe auch YouTube Video). Da es sich wohl aber um keinen Hardwarefehler laut OnePlus handelt,  fällt kein Garantieanspruch an. Einzige Möglichkeit für Nutzer, denen das Ruckeln bei einem Top-Smartphone nicht gefällt und von denen dieser Display-Effekt als Störung empfunden wird,  ist eine Rückgabe des Gerätes. Dies ist innerhalb von 15 Tagen nach dem Kauf ohne Angabe von Gründen möglich.

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