Eager to be interested in BlueSpin before the fashion of Hand Spinners is over!

The fashion of the Hand Spinners sweep across the entire planet. It must be said that this little hand top is cheap and especially hypnotic, pledge of its success. It had to happen one day or another and here it is: the Hand Spinner connected.

Here’s the BlueSpin!

BlueSpin is an Italian company that has decided to launch its gadget on Indiegogo. This is a Spinner, therefore, equipped with bluetooth and that connects to a companion app on your smartphone.

The Spinner is equipped with an accelerometer and sensitive buttons to feel your fingers. Interest? Help you “improve yourself” with Spinner. The application gives you some information, such as the number of turns you make, and also helps you improve by learning new figures …

Other features include: Spot geolocation, a scoreboard or a Spinners fan chat.

At the moment, the BlueSpin project is not yet active on IndieGogo. The company currently plans to claim $ 20,000, but everything can still change. Let’s hope that this project is launched before the Spinners’ fashion comes to an end …



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