Vivo has given priority to Apple and Samsung on the fingerprint sensor under the screen

If you keep up with smartphone news, you should know that the built-in fingerprint sensor is the next step in mobile identification. The Vivo brand seems to have taken a short lead.

For a while Qualcomm has been working on the Sense ID, a biometric sensor that can detect ultrasonic fingerprints. A very interesting technology since it allows to place the latter under the screen of smartphones, and thus get rid of a dedicated button.

Towards better identification

The company has developed an even more precise device, and the giants of the smartphone are seriously interested in it. If the Galaxy S8 does not benefit, the next Apple flagship should have it. But it is the Chinese Vivo that allows to try it at the Mobile World Congress of Shanghai, as specified the US site Engadget.

The sensor can be placed at a thickness of about 800 micrometers. Because it works with ultrasound, the condition of the fingers (bold or wet) does not prevent it from working. Qualcomm even prides itself on being able to detect heartbeats as well as blood flow, which would allow for better authentication.

The tester of Engadget is convinced of the system, although it notes a certain slowness, since the process takes about a second. The Chinese brand has also released a promotional video, featuring a prototype, for the occasion.



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