Fitbit and TAG Heuer, diversification and upgrade are the two different philosophies

According to Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of TAG Heuer , buy a new smartwatch every two to three years it will become the norm very soon. In an interview with TechRadar Biver it says that users will get used to this practice like any other electronic device.

Users will change their TV at least three times over the next decade , in sharp contrast to what happened a few years ago. Even the smartwatch market should therefore follow the trend, albeit with some ‘delay, given the still limited market for this kind of products.

It will not be easy to convince users that one smartwatch will be replaced much more frequently than a traditional clock, especially given the high cost of most models. It profits surely market the speed with which the current proposals become obsolete, often due to the lack of updates from the producers themselves.

Fitbit instead it seems convinced that it can create a new ecosystem, able to rival the Apple products and Android Wear, leveraging its expertise in terms of wearable. The acquisition of Pebble should have provided the  know-how that was missing before, but for the moment it seems that there is still some obstacle ahead of the release of a comprehensive smartwatch.

Despite the manufacturer denies the existence of problems, claiming to be well advanced in setting up its own complete platform, many reports speak of technical problems both in the construction of the smartwatch, which in the implementation of an app store.

The realization of the smartwatch, of which you see on a likely render, would encounter many problems so as to postpone the launch from spring to autumn and it seems that a fair number of people have been removed from the project, which could then undergo further delays.

Will Fitbit to create its own comprehensive eco-system, along the lines of the one set up by Pebble, or will be met with forces greater than you? The comments box is at your disposal.



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