Android Auto crashes with the latest version of Google Maps, but there is already a remedy

Recent updates to version 9.56.1 Google Maps  seem to complain to Android Auto users that they can not navigate on their cars. In fact open the application, the system immediately crashes and does not detect the smartphone, forcing the user to disconnect and reconnect the smartphone.

Google conducted a series of code analysis in a timely manner, trying to understand the root cause of the problem, and publish a new version to solve the problem. In a very short period of time, the development team has released an Android Auto that has been updated to version 2.4.722804 and will cover all users in the next 24 hours

If you have a problem with the car, you have three options: wait for the arrival of the update, solve the problem, download the apk file from that address or return the 9.55 version of Google Maps , and do not create any browsing problems.

If you choose to manually download the new update, make sure to use the correct version of the smartphone architecture to avoid further problems.



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