Prepaid cards are now only available with ID

Prepaid cards only with ID – Starting today, prepaid cards can only be purchased with a card in Germany. Especially the online order becomes more complicated than before.

Prepaid cards with ID

From 1 July 2017 important innovation for the purchase of prepaid cards valid. This can only be activated with a valid ID document now. Providers must ensure that the information provided by the purchaser match the data of the card.

Although was certain personal information when buying a prepaid card in the past duty that information was, however, in many cases – or not reviewed adequately for accuracy – especially for online orders or acquisitions in the branches of grocery stores. Many customers use this to register prepaid cards on false or fancy.

Prepaid cards with identity verification

This proliferation is to put a stop, which occurs final into force on 1 July 2017, the new anti-terrorism law. Providers must now ensure that the identity of the buyer is indisputable evidence and assigned an ID document. For purchases in the shops of the network operators this task is performed by the employees and examine the data by means of ID.

For online orders and prepaid cards of the grocery stores that are inactive issued or sent, is in many cases the video identification procedure used. A camera on a PC, smartphone or tablet, an employee of the company checks the data of the card. Chance of providers also use the already established post-identification process or the activation in partner shops.

We have reported in separate articles about how Vodafone, o2 and AldiTalk implement the new requirements. Interested parties have to adjust to similar methods now available from all providers. The activation of a prepaid SIM card without identity control is now no longer allowed.



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