Facebook helps users connect to the network: in the global roll-out, find WiFi

Facebook is going to introduce a new feature to help users find WiFi networks nearby: This is Facebook Find WiFi , that after the started testing last year only to a small circle of users iOS is going to be launched globally on all devices .

Find WiFi allows you to view the free public WiFi HotSpots located close to the user. According to Facebook, the feature should help especially during travel or in areas where the cellular network signal is poor: in short, the company has found a new way to try to get their two billion monthly users always connected to the platform.

The feature can be activated from the App menu of the application of Facebook, click on ” Show All ” and then click Find WiFi : At this point you will be notified to turn on the WiFi, then Facebook will show a list of HotSpot offered by shops and nearby businesses . In this way, Find WiFi can be a way to find activities around the user, and goes on to compete at similar service offered by Google Maps.

However the service is not yet reliable: some public HotSpot unlisted. You are, in fact, the owner of the WiFi network notify Facebook network availability , by signaling through its fan page within the application. We’ll see if this feature will take hold in the coming weeks.



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