WhatsApp: search for emoji comes in

WhatsApp: arriva la ricerca per emoji

In the chat age, just a simple emoticon to express a concept or mood. The problem is to remember in what section you have entered. The emoji we seek will be between “objects” or “symbols”. The only solution is to scroll through the gossip until we find it. WhatsApp has decided to facilitate this operation by allowing users to search for emotions by directly using their text search engine.

With WhatsApp’s upcoming update, it’s enough to write the word “rainbow” in the space to find the corresponding image. A very similar feature had been introduced some time ago on Instagram. On the social network emoji can be used as a hashtag to associate with photos. The novelty is already available for those who joined the beta program for the Android version and will become it for everyone in the coming days. In short, WhatsApp will come with other important features such as the Revoke feature, which allows you to delete a message after it has been sent, and the ability to send any type of file regardless of format.




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