IPhone 8: Wireless charging component leaked, no full-screen

Possible iPhone 8 image iDropNews

IPhone 8 cell phone charging – So far it is assumed that Apple is the iPhone 8 with a component for wireless shop builds. New images might confirm this. Another picture shows a graphic with a bulge on the upper housing edge. It could be concluded that no full-screen is installed.

IPhone 8: New pictures leaked

The website Slashleaks has published pictures from the microblogging service Weibo. Shown is a component for front and back of the supposed iPhone 8. The component is a rolled cable can be seen.

It could be a module for cordless charging. Of course, is not sure if the pictures are genuine. In addition, the component appears to be quite large. The component around the inner life of a module to the cordless shop act.

Does the iPhone 8 come without a full-screen display?

In contrast to the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus, Apple will present with the iPhone 8 a completely new smartphone. According to previous information, the smartphone offers an almost borderless display, a dual camera and special new features. New pictures, also published by Slashleaks, give doubts about a “full-screen”.

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The website Slashleaks has currently published a document which is supposed to show the still under development packaging for the iPhone 8. The stylized graphic shows probably the placement of the Simkartenslot. If it is not a fake, the instruction contradicts previous assumptions to the almost borderless display. On the upper edge, an indentation for the camera and the handset can be seen. On previous renderings this indentation of about 4 millimeters is not visible on the screen edge. Also this picture is with caution to enjoy and does not have to correspond to a final version. Cover image: iDropNews



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