For Honor: Ubisoft is working on dedicated servers

Ubisoft is working to run the multiplayer matches in For Honor (Test) on dedicated servers. This is to replace the currently used peer-to-peer method (P2P), which promises to improve the critical stability and speed of the online connections.

The choice of P2P connections has already met with little popularity for the release of the game – among other things, the quality of the session is more dependent on the Internet connection of the host, which, when leaving the match, terminates the match.

Ubisoft had defended the technology last March against Eurogamer and explained that a combat game has higher demands on timing and precision. In certain situations, the P2P technique used, called “simulation”, had advantages, according to the company, which spoke of a balance of advantages and disadvantages in the choice of the infrastructure, which had turned out to be peer-to-peer. In addition, the company added that not all online problems could be attributed to this technique.


An exchange with a view to the future

The developers, who compare the change with the exchange of a motor in a driving car, lead to “new online challenges” and problems with connection and stability “mainly in 4v4 modes”. Based on an analysis of the current situation, the team decided “for many, many different reasons” to share the server technology.

As the most important reason is the “improvement of the stability of the matches in the 4v4”, the developer team wanted an architecture that was “more sustainable” and helped to implement future features. With the removal of host migration and NAT problems, improvements in matchmaking and the speed of the game sessions, Ubisoft counts typical advantages of this technology. However, the reason why the game was developed on the basis of P2P connections is not justified. Regardless of the medium-term changeover, a part of the development team will continue to work to improve the current network infrastructure.


The roadmap for the next half year

As a further proof that For Honor is not abandoned and the quarrels with the community promised transparency is not worthwhile, Ubisoft has also published a roadmap for the next six months. Like Rainbow Six: Victory, the sword battle game is understood and maintained in accordance with the “live operations” concept as a service offer.

After twelve major updates, the technical flaws were improved, the balancing improved and after massive dissatisfaction with players the income of the ingame currency increased, are to follow in the coming months major changes. Underneath is a classified mode for duels, changes to the combat system that will make attacks less risky, a training arena, better tutorials, and the dedicated servers. Improvements in technology and balance are also expected to be more frequent. Also planned are four other heroes and cards, new equipment as well as emotes.




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